Pittsburgh Food Events – September 2010

Cherry Tomato Tart
October 30, 2017
Roasty Ratatouille
October 30, 2017

Pittsburgh Food Events – September 2010

Is it just me, or is September crazy? I would have thought that since “Back to School” has no immediate impact on my life, September should be just another month, but no. Work? Insane and overwhelming. Real life? Totally in transition, with lots of loose ends and to-do lists. My kitchen? Sadly silent. Pittsburgh’s kitchens? Crazy busy and productive.

Pittsburgh Public Market Official Grand Opening

xcitement has been building for months now about the Strip’s newest and most diverse culinary market: an indoor, booth-style venue with more than 40 different local vendors selling everything from fresh veggies to tea to charcuterie. Located in the Produce Terminal Building on Smallman Street, the new market will be open Friday – Sunday for the time being. I think this might be our answer to Columbus’ North Market! And if you can’t wait until Friday, here’s a special hint: it’s already open now!

Taste of Grow Pittsburgh

Grow Pittsburgh promotes responsible urban food production. What does that mean? Gardens on vacant lots. Supporting urban farmers and gardeners with resources and opportunities. Advocating for farm-friendly city policies. Training the next generation of urban farmers, particularly in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Making more local food more affordable and more available throughout our city. If these sound like good ideas to you, consider supporting Grow Pittsburgh at their first annual special event fundraiser, where restaurants from around the city will showcase locally-grown produce at Point Breeze’s beautiful Frick – a most perfect setting.

Cooking for Geeks Talk and Booksigning

My first “real” job was working in adminstration at Carnegie Science Center. That gave me an unending appreciation for uber-geeky things like emulsification and making ice cream and/or adult beverages with liquid nitrogen (depending on the venue). Well, turns out there’s a brand new book on the topic, complete with guru. Meg over at Table and Spoon is hosting said guru – Jeff Potter – as part of his DIY Book Tour, at one of Pittsburgh’s quirkiest eateries, CMU’s art project the Waffle Shop. I believe I shall geek out.

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