Pittsburgh Food Events – April 2010

Challah for the Goyim
October 30, 2017
Win tickets to Pittsburgh Magazine’s Best Restaurants Party!
October 30, 2017

Pittsburgh Food Events – April 2010

Burgh Bees Beekeeper Training Course
Starting April 10

I imagine that learning to keep bees is like learning to ski-jump: one mistake and bang! You’re in pain. But unlike ski jumping, the fruits of beekeeping are sweet: sweet, sweet honey. Burgh Bees promotes urban beekeeping as a way to learn about enviromental stewardship and is on their way to turning a vacant Homewood lot into Pittsburgh’s first community apiary. If the idea of raising your own bees and harvesting your own honey is interesting, this $300 class includes two indoor sessions and at least three small-group, three-hour mentoring sessions with an experienced urban beekeeper.

Before Pittsburgh had the monstrous Hofbrauhaus on the South Side, we had Penn Brewery. Then we didn’t. And now we do again. Pittsburgh’s original purveyor of platters of sausages, pretzels with beer cheese and giant steins of pilsner and dunkel is back. On Tax Day, you’re sure to need free beer – and what better, or more Pittsburgh-y way to celebrate your annual tax filing than at the unveiling of Penn Brewery’s newest concoction, Allegheny Pale Ale. Proceeds from sales of the new beer that evening benefit RiverLife’s Friends of the Fountain campaign, which aims to restore Pittsburgh’s iconic fountain in Point State Park. Free snacks and samples! Just be sure to RSVP.

Foodburgh Meetup at Mojo Bistro

Up Route 65, the borough of Bellevue is kicking some serious butt. They’ve got funky little coffee shops, one of the area’s best Italian restaurants (so I hear), a diner with a fantastic broccoli-cheddar quiche, and serious dedication to revitalizing the borough’s main thoroughfare. On my recent Seviche gift card giveaway, a commenter named “Vingleburt Wingeldank” (love it!) suggested that Bellevue’s Mojo Bistro was her favorite local eatery that has more than meets the eye. Also on Tax Day, Foodburgh is hosting a Meet-Up at Mojo Bistro. With all these recommendations, I may just have to check it out.

Craft Beer School: Funny Labels, Serious Beers

I got Scheidt tickets for this for Christmas and we’re totally excited to go. I shamelessly admit that I am one of those girls who will pick a bottle of wine based on its label or a beer based on its name. At this event, we’re hoping to find some beers with names I’d choose that are also fantastic. I vote for Smuttynose. $25 includes beer samples and snacks. The Craft Beer School (and Wednesday Wine Flights) series events have a tendency to sell out, so be sure to get tickets in advance.

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